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 How many times can the synthetic lashes be worn?
 Our synthetic styles can be worn 5-10 times with proper usage and care.
 Can I wear mascara on the synthetic lashes?
The synthetic styles may be worn with mascara.
Will I receive a tracking number after payment?
Yes, the moment we ship your package a reference number will be sent to the email you provided. 
Do I need to apply glue adhesive to the lash band?
Yes, lash glue adhesive is required in order for your lash to properly adhere to your eye.
Can I cut the eyelash?
Yes, and it is recommended that the eyelash be cut to fit your specific eye length, its also perfectly fine to keep the lash whole and is the most popular method. We like to cut the lash straight down the center to perfectly adhere to your unique eye shape. We also love a good layering of a more natural lash with crown moiety lashes on the outside edges! 
Can the lashes be worn overnight?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to wear the lashes overnight.
Do you have a pro mua program?
We do not currently offer a pro mua discount, however check back for in the near future!
Do you offer any discount or coupon codes?
Yes, from time to time depending on the code, we offer these discounts through our site and various other sectors, social media email, etc.
United states USPS First Class Mail 3-5 days
International USPS First class
Is Crown Moiety a cruelty free brand? how do we know that no animals are being harmed?
This is a great question, and something we take very seriously. before creating this brand it was a huge concern of ours and we can assure our customers that our brand is 100% cruelty free. the hairs are obtained by the gentle brushing of fur and the animals are not held in any type of way. 
How is Moiety pronounced?
meaning One of two equal Parts of a divisible whole.